NUTRITION: Original Research| Volume 36, ISSUE 5, P677-687, October 2020

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Effects of salts of branched-chain volatile fatty acids protected with different combinations of encapsulation materials on gas production dynamics when incubated in vitro with Brachiaria brizantha ‘Marandu’



      This study evaluated the effects of 7 different encapsulations (treatments S1–S7) of salts of branched-chain VFA, using different combinations and material sources (dioxides, maltodextrin, and celluloses), on the in vitro gas production dynamics of Brachiaria brizantha ‘Marandu.’

      Materials and Methods

      Air-dried Brachiaria brizantha with the addition of salts were incubated for 48 h with fresh rumen inoculum collected from 4 ruminally cannulated steers. Salts were investigated at 2 inclusion levels (IL; IL3 = 3% and IL6 = 6% of DM). Incubations were performed with (n = 3) or without (n = 3) the addition of casein and cysteine (C&C). Enumeration of in vitro NDF digestibility and methane (CH4) production was performed for all samples.

      Results and Discussion

      With C&C inclusion, S1 produced more gas than S5 and reduced lag time compared with S6 and S7. The S5, S6, and S7 had lower CH4 production relative to S3. The IL3 had greater computed TDN and ME than IL6. Without C&C inclusion, there was an interaction of salt × IL on total gas production, fractional rate of gas production, lag time, gas production of fibrous and nonfibrous carbohydrate pools, CH4, and energy values.

      Implications and Applications

      The inclusion of C&C altered the fermentation parameters of salts of branched-chain VFA with the IL of salts appearing to be dependent on N availability. Our study indicated that the utilization of S1 salt is recommended for maximal TDN of Brachiaria brizantha compared with other combinations of encapsulation materials.

      Key words

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