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Effects of feeding different forms of lysine supplements on lactational performance and nitrogen utilization by mid- to late-lactation dairy cows



      We investigated the lactational performance and N utilization of dairy cows fed different forms of Lys supplements with the main focus on Lys derivatives ofN-acetyl-l-Lys (NALL) during mid to late lactation.

      Materials and Methods

      Forty lactating Holstein dairy cows (151 ± 78.0 DIM) were assigned to 1 of 4 treatments (n = 10) in a randomized complete block design. The 4 dietary treatments were as follows: (1) TMR without Lys supplementation (control), (2) TMR withNε-acetyl-l-Lys supplementation at 51.5 g/d (εNALLT), (3) TMR withNα, ε-acetyl-l-Lys supplementation at 63 g/d (diNALLT), and (4) TMR with commercial rumen-protected Lys (AjiPro-L, Ajinomoto Heartland Inc.) supplementation at 100 g/d (CRPLT).

      Results and Discussion

      Feeding of diNALLT and the CRPLT decreased DMI. Milk yield, component yield, and component concentrations were not affected by Lys supplementation. In contrast, feed conversion efficiency (milk yield/DMI) was greatest for diNALLT. The efficiencies of 3.5% FCM yield/DMI and ECM yield/DMI did not differ among treatments. Feeding the diNALLT and the CRPLT tended to reduce manure N excretion compared with the control and the εNALLT. Overall, results from the current study suggest that supplementing a Lys derivative, diNALL, to mid- to late-lactation dairy cows resulted in similar production performance relative to a commercial rumen-protected Lys product.

      Implications and Applications

      A sizable increase in feed conversion efficiency (milk yield/DMI) and a trend for a reduction in manure N excretion when cows were supplemented with diNALL resulted from its effect to reduce DMI and N intake. This result indicates that the developmental diNALL product is metabolically active in lactating dairy cows. Further investigation is warranted to understand the biological availabilities of NALL in lactating dairy cows.

      Key words

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